≥ 98% CBG

CBG Isolate is CBG in its purest form—a pure white powder almost exclusively composed of CBG. It has the highest potency of any CBG extract at over 98% CBG.

Although CBG is commonly considered a minor cannabinoid, when it is extracted into a pure form it has an entirely distinct set of properties compared to CBD.

CBG Isolate is primarily used in topical form such as in cosmetics, but is also utilized in soft gels, pressed pills, and tinctures. This CBG extract is particularly valued when targeting and siloing the CBG cannabinoid is important.

Product Specification

≥ 98% CBG

No Minors

Oil Based Formulations

Clear, White, or Lightly off-white crystalline powder

Fine-Coarse Powdered Crystal

We provide the industry with reliable, high quality cannabinoids at wholesale prices.

CBD LAB® is proud to provide high-quality hemp extracts at wholesale prices without compromising compliance or reliability. CBD LAB® is at the vanguard of cultivation, research, development, and marketing of hemp-based wellness solutions for suppliers, customers, and consumers around the globe. We ship bulk cannabinoid extracts around the world, and are rapidly growing our international presence to expand the wholesale cannabinoid community.

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